Welcome to Dr Tim Snape’s Website

About Tim

Having completed his post doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor J. P. Clayden, Tim entered the CoEBio3 as Team Leader where he spent two years establishing his research group by developing new synthetic methods to biologically important molecules and structural building blocks and applying them to the synthesis of natural products. 

In July 2008 Tim was appointed as a Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Central Lancashire where he continued to develop his research until moving to De Montfort University in 2020 as an Associate Professor.

Research Group

My group’s research interests lie in a number of areas supported by synthetic organic chemistry. Often the reactions we use encompass the development and implementation of known rearrangement reactions to produce new products for the synthesis of indoles and flavonoids. Furthermore, we are interested in the synthesis and functionality of natural and unnatural foldamers. All of these areas are focused on the identification of bioactive molecules and probes, and the production of useful chemical building blocks.

We are particularly interested in the biological activity of the molecules we make, and current interests lie in the anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-diabetes and antiviral properties of a range of privileged structures and foldamers, and in particular their activity against a number of glioma/medulloblastoma cell lines, resistant bacterial strains and coronaviruses.

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